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2021 Donations: $4620.75 + counting
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Pamper yourself with 8 of the finest and luxurious local BC products in this Ultimate Box of Serenity!

All of these beautiful handmade products are tried, tested, and true by yours truly. I own every single one (multiple times over) and enjoy them so much, I wanted to share them with you!

Inside this box is everything you will need to relax, unwind, and refresh! Tie your hair back with a beautiful satin scrunchie, remove your makeup with a 2 pack eco friendly 6x6 cloth that is so soft! These clothes have many more purposes than just removing make up! Light the best smelling candle around and breathe and exhale as your mind drifts off to a place of ultimate relaxation. Run that hot bath, and pour in some So Luxury Coco Cream Soak...this formula gently cleanses your skin and enhances natural softness without stripping oils. No soap or rinsing required with this amazing goodness! Gently exfoliate your skin with the best smelling Juniper Body Scrub. This will leave your skin silky smooth and hydrated! Post bath, enjoy some calendula salve! And last but not least, throw on those jammies, jump into bed, and enjoy some final relaxation with our ever loved Neck Wrap and Eye Pillow that will most certainly make you drift off to sleep! 

This Ultimate Box Of Luxury will make the perfect gift for anyone on your list! Or, enjoy pampering yourself too! 

Gift Box Includes: 

1 The Relaxation Hut Flaxseed & Lavender Neck Wrap

1 The Relaxation Hut Flaxseed & Lavender Eye Pillow

1 So Luxury - Coco Cream Soak (130g)

1 Canvas Candle Co Candle -  Fireside (up to 40 hrs burn time)

1 Tru Wellness Calendula Salve (25mL)

1 Botanie Juniper Body Scrub - Lemongrass (220g)

1 Five+Pines 2 pack Eco Friendly Make up Cloth (6x6)

1 Lanna & Co Satin Scrunchie

1 Reusable Wooden Box (12x12)