Total Donations for 2021: $4620.75
Total Donations for 2021: $4620.75
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Why Flax?

Why we use Flax...

Flax seeds are very small and conform easily to any body part making it very comfortable. Flax seeds contains 42% oil, commonly known as "Linseed Oil". When flax seeds are heated in the microwave, they release a gentle, moist heat over a long period of time. Did you know that flax seeds retain half their heat after 1 hour?!

Many other products are filled with corn, rice, or beans and when heated are actually being cooked. This is why the begin to smell. Flax seeds are oil based and oil does not dehydrate. This means you can heat flax seeds time and time again. Not only will flax seeds retain their heat, but they will never smell. 

Flax seeds can also be put in the freezer to act as a cold compress. The flax seeds will still conform to you because flax seeds will not freeze solid. They are a wonderful relief to headaches, migraines, hot flashes, fevers, cramps, arthritis, just to name a few uses! 

Two very important notes about our flax not get them wet and do not over heat them. If they are overheated, they will have a permanent "burned" odor and will need to be replaced. If they get wet, they will swell and will also need to be replaced. 


Why we use Lavender...

Lavender has often been defined as the universal healing herb because of its versatility. Lavender can help aid in anxiety, insomnia, depression, restlessness, headaches, migraines, toothaches, and more. It also acts as an excellent insect repellent.